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Capacitance and Impedance Methods of Electric Field Grading in Cable Joint and Termination

Дубицкий С. Д. (ООО "ТОР"), Коровкин Н.В., д.т.н., профессор (Санкт-Петербургский государственный политехнический университет), Грешняков Г.В., к.т.н. (ООО НИИ "Севкабель").

The 2014 International Conference on Energy, Environment and Material Science

Designing and manufacturing of competitive cable joints and terminals is one of the most complicated high-tech challenges in the modern cable industry. The known methods for electric field grading are based either on proper selection of the geometric configuration and physical properties of the stress cone, or on controlling the field within the tube coupling. We propose the new capacitive method that combines advantages of geometric and refractive methods, as well as stress control method by resistive tube regulator. The optimal configuration of the active elements and properties of materials is proposed, which is based on the FEA simulation of the electric field.

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