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Multiphysics Finite Element Analysis of Underground Power Cable Ampacity

Дубицкий С. Д. (ООО "ТОР"), Коровкин Н.В., д.т.н., профессор (Санкт-Петербургский государственный политехнический университет), Грешняков Г.В., к.т.н. (ООО НИИ "Севкабель").

A method for calculating the ampacity of underground electric power cable line is discussed. The proposed method differs from the previous works by using coupled electromagnetic and thermal FEA analysis. Electromagnetic analysis is used to calculate the resistive AC losses in conductor, shield, and metallic sheath, taking into account skin and proximity effects. The equations of 2D AC magnetic field are coupled together with circuit equations in order to account different grounding modes. The resistive losses calculated by electromagnetic part of the model are summed up with the dielectric losses and transferred to the thermal part of the model as a heat sources. The proposed method can be used in cases where the standard IEC 2087 calculation gives unreliable results due to unusual cable line formation, inhomogeneous soil, presence of metallic or concrete supports and other difficulties.

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